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Our client-focused methodology is designed to understand your unique needs, ensuring we find the ideal lending source for your business. We've guided countless businesses towards optimal financing solutions, and now we're here to do the same for you in Grand Rapids.

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Ryan Kavanagh
Owner of "The Heights" Brewery
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20 Years of Experience and 100s of Satisfied Business Owners

With 20 years of experience navigating the complexities of commercial lending, Independence Business Consulting is your trusted partner. We're now bringing our proven approach to securing ideal lending sources for our clients to Grand Rapids. 

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Jon Hartzell,Detroit Rising Development 

“Working with Dennis is a real joy, especially in the business market I’m in–where you’re constantly dealing with overwhelmed and overworked business bankers and city officials. Dennis cuts to the chase, yet he’s an honest person who doesn’t pull any punches. Through his processes, we were able to fund a $3 million non-conforming development.

When we ventured out to do development, we had to navigate bringing investors to these projects. And not knowing the deliverables that investors are looking for, Dennis was able to work with us to help mature what our narrative was and what we’re presenting so that it was approachable and something that was fundable.”

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Brad Tiernan,Draught Horse Brewery

“I was in hopes of buying out the building that we were currently renting, and working capital for small business is crucial, something I didn’t realize when we first opened. Having to get the capital through the SBA was such a tough process, but it was as simple as a phone call from Dennis. We got the ball rolling and it was smooth sailing from there.

We’ve actually worked with Dennis and IBC through several different SBA loans, starting with the purchase of our building after we were renting it. Followed by the buyout of all of the business partners that I started with. Typically working with the SBA, this could be a 1-3 month process, but Dennis made sure that it’s the quickest possible at the lowest rate possible. Working with IBC really gave me that freedom to focus on my operations and not just all of the paperwork that they needed at the SBA. I recommend everyone to Dennis and IBC.”

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Hanan Amhaz,Gas
Station Owner 

"It was difficult last year to get a loan for construction–remodeling a gas station. The lender at my bank told me to reach out to Dennis. Dennis was excellent. He helped me a lot through the process of applying for the loan. I definitely recommend IBC. They are the best. They help a lot with the process and any questions, they will call you back right away–any problem, any email, anything. They are sharp. They are excellent. In a couple of months this place will be remodeled, thanks to IBC."

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