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Small Business Owners

Michigan's Most Reliable Source for Small Business Lending

Get the capital you need to grow through Bank Term Loans, SBA Loans, Lines of Credit, and more fast and flexible financing options personalized for your business.

Shorter Terms, Faster Delivery of Funds


We help small businesses like yours access funds quickly and painlessly with bank term loans from our trusted network of lenders.

Low Interest, Lower Monthly Payments


We’ve helped more small business owners like you secure loans that improve their monthly cash flow than any other platform.

Fast Funds Give You the Control


When you are in a pinch, Fast access to flexible funds and a low monthly payment help you focus on growing your business.

Flexible Solutions for Any Situation


When funding seems impossible and banks have turned you down, we have lending options. We help with your unique challenges and find financing options that work for your small business.

Fulfill Your Business Dreams: Explore Best-Fit Loan Options for Your Business

Are you a small business owner or dreaming of starting your own venture? IBC's proprietary pre-qualification and loan preparation process is designed with your unique needs in mind. We don't just offer loans, we find the right financing solutions tailored to your business situation. Our promise is to guide you towards the best loan options that suit your individual needs.


Embark on your journey to successful financing with us. Fill out our QuickQual form and discover how we can navigate you towards your business aspirations. Your first step to optimal financing is just a click away!

See what small business owners are saying about IBC

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“I was in hopes of buying out the building that we were currently renting, and working capital for small business is crucial, something I didn’t realize when we first opened. Having to get the capital through the SBA was such a tough process, but it was as simple as a phone call from Dennis. We got the ball rolling and it was smooth sailing from there.

We’ve actually worked with Dennis at IBC through several different SBA loans, starting with the purchase of our building after we were renting it. Followed by the buyout of all of the business partners that I started with. Typically working with the SBA, this could be a 1-3 month process, but Dennis made sure that it’s the quickest possible at the lowest rate possible. Working with IBC really gave me that freedom to focus on my operations and not just all of the paperwork that they needed at the SBA. I recommend everyone to Dennis and IBC.”

— Brad Tiernan, Draught Horse Brewery 

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See if you pre-qualify without impacting your credit score. It's FREE, with no obligations. Every small business can benefit from better financing. Apply now and find out what you're missing! 

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